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You sit in your living room with a hand through your hair. Tears pool down your face as you stare at the eviction notice. You got fired a couple days ago from your job as a barista, some jealous bitch said that apparently you were selling drugs on the street and sleeping with different men for money. The owner had to let you go, even though you were the reason everyone came to the bar. You were very beautiful and sang or danced Friday nights. You popular amongst the male crowd, you even had small female crowd.

You had two weeks to find a job and earn money to pay for rent for your small apartment. You lived in a nice apartment that cost quite a lot, you could always afford so you never worried until now. You pick up your phone to dial your boyfriends number in hopes that he can lend you some money.

His voice mail plays as you sigh and put your phone away. You wipe your tears as you walk out the apartment and to your car. You decided to visit your boyfriend and surprise him at work. He was a boss for some company so he should be in his office. You park the car and head up to his office, before you can knock you hear a loud moan coming from his office.

Your eyes widen in shock as you open the door with shaky hands. You enter only to see your boyfriend and his secretary banging on his desk. Your eyes winded and you clench your fist. They are to into their little session that they still have not noticed your presents.

Silently you walk over to him and sock him in the face. He falls to the floor bringing the bitch down with him. He looks up and his blue eyes winded as he sees you stand there. "Y/N it is not what it looks like!" He says while covering his junk.

"I don't give a shit Erwin, you can fuck who ever you want to, we are done." You say as you turn your heel and walk out of his office.

"Y/N please! Y/N!!" He calls after you fixing his clothes as he runs to you taking your arms.

You glare at him and roughly yank your arms away. "Erwin leave me alone, i should have seen the signs , i can not believe that i stayed with you for so long."

"Y/N please i love you" he says while trying to lean in and kiss you.

"You were not saying that when you were banging your secretary." You say and walk away leaving Erwin behind looking as your tiny form walks away from him.

You unlock your phone as you scroll and click on Hanji's name. You put the phone on your ear as you hear it dial her number.

"Y/N how have you been?" Hanji screams into the phone making you pull it away from your ear. Dam she is always loud.

"Not good Hanji, i lost my job due to a jealous bitch and i find out that my boyfriend was cheating on me with his bitch of a secretary." You say gritting your teeth in anger

"I'm so sorry Y/N, i wish i could help you with anything."

"Hanji i need to barrow some money i cant pay my rent and if i don't find a job within this week they are going to kick me out." You say in one breath.

There is a pause and you get a bit scared. You can sense a big grin on her face. "I can give you the money no problem and i can set you up for an interview for a job."

"Thanks so much Hanji i don't know what i would do with out you." You say and hang up heading back to your car. You enter the car and close the door before you start the car you look at the picture of you back in high school.

You chuckle seeing your senior picture. You were such a nerd back then, always reading books, manga, and watching anime. Everyone ignored you and you did not give a shit because you were antisocial and just shy. You always wore baggy sweaters and never wore makeup.

After two years you changed, it all happened in college when you stumbled into the bar you worked at. The manger took on look at you and knew that you were hiding your beauty under the baggy clothes. He offered you the job and you agreed. You needed the money to pay for college, your dream was to become a singer/actor for Broadway, and the classes were expensive. Now you have your degree but loved working at the bar.

You start the car and drive home so you can take a nap. You don't even make it to your bedroom you just plop down on your couch as you close your eyes.


You are woken up by your phone ringing, you mumble unladylike words and swipe to answer the phone. "Who the fuck this is it better be good." You say rubbing your eyes

"Well good morning sun shine , just letting you know that i set up your interview and that it is in a couple hours. " Hanji says

"WHAT!!!" You scream out as you jump off your couch to get in the shower.

"Ill come by and pick you up." She says and hangs up. You take a quick shower and brush your H/C H/L hair so it looks presentable. You just apply some red lipstick and a bit mascara. You have been told that you have natural beauty and don't need any makeup.

Hanji just strolls in your room when you were changing into a (c) dress that made your curves stand out.

"Hanji what the hell can you knock please." You say while holding on to your dress.

Once you are dressed Hanji drags you to her car and drives to the location were your interview is. "So Hanji what is this job you signed me up for?" You ask looking at her and your eyes widen when you see her creepy grin forming on her face.

"It is a maid job, one of my friend's father is in need of a maid that wont 'Fuck up, and clean well.' According to Shorty. And they need more maids to help clean his sons house." She says while you look at her.

"Hanji, a maid job for all i know he is a perverted old man who has a thing for maids!" You cry out

Hanji just laughs as she shakes her head. "Y/N if you get the job your boss will be 3 years older then you." She informs you as you sigh in relief.

You finally arrive at the place and see that you are outside a large mansion. Your mouth opens wide as you stare wide eyed at the place you may work at. "Hanji i'm never going to get a job here." You say letting out a breath.

"Don't worry Y/N you will get the job, plus you have such a gorgeous face, who can turn you away." She says stopping her car in front of the mansion.

She knocks on the door having a butler with teal eyes open the door. "Hello Miss Hanji, here to see master Levi again?" He asks and his eyes travel down to you. "Who is your pretty friend?"

"This is Y/N and she is looking for a job as a maid here." She says dragging you in.

"Master Levi is in his office doing paperwork, he already said that he will speak with her in a moment." The butler says.

" Thank you Eren!!" Hanji yells and drags you upstairs

"Hanji i don't think i can do this." You say as you stumble on the stairs.

"I'm sure he is going to hire you." She says chuckling

She knocks on the door and hear a low come in. Opening the door revels a short man with raven black hair. He looks up and you see his steel grey eyes. You tilt your head to the side, he was very handsome but you could have sworn you have seen him somewhere. He looked very familiar.

His eyes scan up and down your form and looks at Hanji. "Can the brat clean well?" He asks

"Yes Shorty she can, she was a Barista and needed to keep the place clean." Hanji informs him.

He looks at you one last time and goes back to his paperwork. "The brat start tomorrow. Her uniform will be ready when she comes in to work."

You leave the office and take in a deep breath In, hopefully this new job goes well.


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Death4497 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2016  Student General Artist
This was great. Plz make more if you can.
MinimiLove Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I will part two should be up later on today or tomorrow. Cx
Death4497 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2016  Student General Artist
Kk :3
YellowDucklings Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2016
Lemon later on please? I love this!!
MinimiLove Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
XD maybe no promises though
jameerocks Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2016
I like the start most likely will love it all
MinimiLove Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Awe thanks
jameerocks Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2016
I'm all about dat support <3
MinimiLove Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Glad you liked it working on the next part, should be up tomorrow or sunday c:
taemiao Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
it is amazing~ will it have a sequel??
MinimiLove Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes it will cx
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